Beautiful Sheepskin Rugs by SnugRugs

The diversity of sheepskin rugs is astounding. From glorious long silky wool Icelandics to short hair shearling, there is a texture, breed, look, shape and colour sheepskin rug that will suit you and SnugRugs has a huge range.Truly natural and truly beautiful, sheepskin rugs are jaw droppingly stunning and will dress up any room.

Sheepskin texture

Sheepskin comes in all sorts of lengths and textures. Look for example at this beautiful icelandic sheepskin rug in its silky splendour.

Beautiful Sheepskin Rugs

Icelandic Sheepskin Long Silky Wool

This sheep with it’s beautiful thick sheepskin coat has a different texture, dense and thick.
Beautiful Sheepskin Rug

It’s hot in here

A Shearling sheepskin rug has a different feel altogether. Short dense wool is easier to maintain and springy underfoot.
Beautiful Sheepskin Rugs

Shearling Sheepskin

Sheepskin Rugs colours

There are hundreds of different sheep breed, with different colours, patterns and textures to their fleece. Sheepskins are coloured through a tanning and dye process to get a desired colour sheepskin. They do not come like the picture below:

Beautiful Sheepskin Rugs

Rainbow Sheep

Rare Breed Sheepskins are particularly special. No fleece markings are the same. Jacob sheep typically have black and white markings. whilst Herdwick Sheep have browny, grey markings. Raw fleece is fairly tight and wiry. Sheeps Wool is treated, pulled, combed and tanned in several different stages until it turns resembles the beautiful soft sheepskin we know and love. Sheepskin is a bi product of the meat industry.

Sheepskin Size

Sheepskin Rugs come in single (one), double (two sheepskin pelts sown at the bottom of each rug), Side by Side double (two sheepskin pelts sown long side), Triple (three sheepskin pelts sown on the longside), Quad (4 pelts sown to make a squarish rug), Sexto (6 pelts), Octo (8 pelts). This unique bespoke beautiful 24 pelt sheepskin rug was created by SnugRugs. It goes on and on!

Beautiful Sheepskin Rugs

Bespoke Sheepskin Rug 24 Pelts!