Best UK Picnic Blanket Ideas

Choosing the right picnic blanket SnugRugs UK has the right idea. In the UK the summer sun brings out the best in us and the excitement of picnic time beckons. There is nothing as quintessentially British as a picnic. In the garden, park, countryside or by the sea, every picnic is special. A suitable picnic blanket is obligatory. Whether you are a couple picnicking or a group, a large picnic blanket is inviting and comfortable. There is nothing worse that being squashed like sardines, bumping elbows whilst tucking into your tuna and cucumber sandwiches.

Waterproof Picnic blanket UK

Family Sized Wool and waterproof backed picnic blanket

Super Large Wool Picnic Blankets UK fit the job

We love Bushga wool picnic blankets, made in the UK and sold by SnugRugs. Crucially the Picnic blanket is a whopper family size. A handy built in carry strap makes carrying easy. UK weather can be annoyingly unpredictable, so the waterproof underlay is key to keeping bottoms comfortably dry. With four bold colours to choose from; navy, fern green, red and sky blue in a retro cobweave design which will appeal to adults and kids alike. Made from super comfortable wool, these delightful picnic blankets are warm, super soft and crucially washable.

Wool Cushions UK

Purple Sage Illusion wool Cushion, made in the UK

Bring luxury to your picnic experience.

A super idea is to draw add a touch to your picnic blanket is pair it with a super comfortable matching wool cushion which will ozz style and luxury. Gently relax and nod off with the sun kissing your skin on your delightful UK made picnic blanket and UK made wool cushions. Take a tray with you to put your glasses on to prevent toppling and bring a wine cooler to keep your wine or fizz suitably chilled. Prepare your food on advance as this can be fiddly sitting on a blanket. Delightful picnic melamine tupperware, made in the UK can be found at notonthehighstreet. Don’t forget to pack a sun hat and we hope your picnics this summer are the best ever and bring long lasting beautiful memories you can savour. We hope you loved our Best UK Picnic Blanket Ideas.

Best UK Picnic Blanket Ideas

Scatter Cushions on your picnic blanket to spice it up