Choosing a Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin rugs provide the perfect floor covering when you make the right choice. If you are looking for a durable but soft floor covering for your space sheepskin is the answer. Naturally beautiful, your sheepskin will give you hours of pleasure. Choosing a rug for your space and colour scheme can be a daunting prospect so let us help you. Let’s firstly consider colour. Pelts are dyed using strong chemicals to get a desirable colour. Ivory or ‘natural’ colours are neutral so will fit well into most colour schemes. Ivory rugs go very well against wood, stone and leather. Coloured ones look amazing on more shiny surfaces or against neutral leather or fabric sofas. Matching bright colours can be very tricky so why not go for contrasts instead? Do not put a coloured rug on a light carpet as the dye is likely to transfer over time to your carpet.

Make sure your rug is tanned. Unless your rug is tanned properly, the wool will fall out and the skin will disintegrate. Sheepskins are tanned at tanneries. There are now just two remaining working tanneries left in the UK. Skins can only be tanned from animals slaughtered in the year that they were born or shorn. For the farmer the value of the sheepskin can be worth more than the meat. British animal welfare regulations are amongst the tightest in the world.

The sheepskin process

‘Wet’ pelts arrive at the tannery from the abattoir. Each part of the sheep is used for human or animal consumption. Pelts are salted to remove impurities then are treated, rolled, cut and brushed. A brushing machine gives the rug its soft suede back. This process is to this day undertaken by skilled workers.

Consider sheepskin breeds…

If you want to go more something undyed, consider a rare breed sheepskin. The colours and patterns on each pelt is unique. Textures can vary too. Some rare breeds have very long wool such as the Icelandic or Merino. Merino wool is incredibly soft. Other breeds have beautiful colour markings, such as the Jacob. We have over 50 pure breeds of sheep in the UK and many more hybrids. Wales has more sheep than people.

And lastly sizes…

When it comes to size, the most popular rug is a single. Single rugs come in four different sizes, from small (80cm)  to super large (115cm) Single rugs are cut and sewn to form bigger rugs, doubles (2 pelts), triples (3 pelts), quads (4 pelts), sextos (6 pelts) and octos (8 pelts). Round and rectangular rugs are sown together from pieces of sheepskin. Sheepskin is perfect for walking or laying on. It will look and feel amazing so what are you waiting for? SnugRugs sells an abundance of sheepskin rugs in all shapes, colours and sizes.