Home Design Genuine Sheepskin

Genuine sheepskin is the real deal. Whether you are redesigning a room, your entire home or need to add some glamour to update your space, sheepskin is the answer. There is fake sheepskin around which of course is not pricey, but genuine sheepskin far outways the inferior synthetic products in looks and comfort. Incorporate sheepskin into your home design and you will not be disappointed. Superbly warm and comforting, sheepskin is absolutely luxurious. Genuine Sheepskin comes in a variety of textures, lengths, sizes and colours. Home design is about marrying or contrasting colours and textures. Scatter cushions are ideal for updating a sofa. Home decor for a tired sofa is essential and relatively inexpensive. Mongolian Sheepskin cushions steal the show. With super long curly wool they fit into any home and add textural interest.

Home Decor Genuine Sheepskin

Mongolian Sheepskin Wool

  Sheepskin Throws in a bedroom are another interesting element of home design. Reinvent your bed with a Bowron Sheepskin throw. Drape it along the bottom of your bed for a sophisticated and inviting welcome after a long day. Genuine sheepskin adds texture contrast and interest. It is natural and visually stunning. Sheepskin wool acts as a natural thermostat so is a great heat regulator.

Sheepskin tips to keep in mind for home decor

Neutral ivory genuine sheepskin goes with just about anything and is by far the most popular colour. But consider taking the plunge and opting for coloured sheepskin rugs to create a focal point. Sheepskin Rugs are an eye catcher. Depending on your home design style, space and floor covering you can select long wool or genuine shearling sheepskin rectangular rugs in pattern or plain colours. The feel of the shearling rugs is silk like and oozes decadence and luxury.

Home Decor Genuine Sheepskin

Candy Floss pink Sheepskin rug

Genuine sheepskin wool can lose its sparkle after wear and tear. Bring it back to life with an inexpensive sheepskin rug brush. The change after brushing will amaze you.

And lastly when it comes to home decor…

Consider your treasured pet. She too may enjoy sheepskin as much as you. Home design using genuine sheepskin is fun so go for it!  

Home design Genuine Sheepskin

Home Design for your animals too with a sheepskin rug

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