How to clean a Sheepskin Rug

Cleaning a Sheepskin Rug can be easy or difficult depending on the method used. Sheepskin rugs are robust. They can withstand a fair amount of foot traffic, wear and tear, but they are tricky to wash. I simply don’t recommend cleaning a sheepskin rug by washing it in your machine or bath. I’ve tried it with different types of sheepskin rugs by following the correct wash instructions and the end results were not pleasing. Cleaning in a washing machine is in my view a time waster. Besides, large sheepskin rugs are too large to throw in the washing machine and can ruin the machine as they become sodden with water, shed wool and get super heavy. The simplest way to clean a sheepskin rug is to give it a firm, thorough combing all over with a large wire sheepskin rug brush. Give the sheepskin a good shake afterwards and leave it to air outside on a sunny day.

How to Clean a sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin rug wire brush

A wire dog brush can be used as an alternative. The brushing motion will lift the wool fibres on your sheepskin rug, in effect dry cleaning it, loosening dirt particles and restoring the rug to it’s natural beauty.
How to clean a sheepskin rug

Sheepskin Rugs can become lackluster through wear and tear

The next picture is of an Icelandic Sheepskin rug after it has been brushed: Note how the wool has been brought back to life.
How to clean a sheepskin rug

Icelandic Sheepskin Long Silky Wool

How to clean a wine stain on a sheepskin rug

Depending on the size of the stain, the best way to remove it is to cut the offending wool out. Brush the sheepskin rug before you clean is this will make it easier. Act as quickly as possible on the stain. If the stain on the sheepskin rug is too large to cut out, absorb as much as the stain as possible by pressing absorbent kitchen towel onto the stain firmly. Do not rub it. If your sheepskin rug is stained, any amount of washing will not clean it completely and make it look like new. Maybe consider investing in another rug for the most pleasing result. Visit for a selection of amazing sheepsking rugs. Order on line or call them and they will be happy to help.

Wash clean a Sheepskin rug

Sheepskin rugs can be washed clean. BUT  please note 1) the will NEVER look the same again and 2) It’s a lot of time and effort. Cleaning your sheepskin rug with a wool wash and following the instructions by the book will ensure the rug is clean. A great article on How to Clean a Sheepskin Rug can be found here: If you must clean your sheepskin rug in the washing machine, and feel your rug and machine are up to it (leather weakens with age and wear), my advice would be to follow the care instructions exactly and set aside a whole (sunny) day to do it. Coloured sheepskins should always be dry cleaned, as washing with water water as all the dye will run out. Good luck! If you have found this blog ‘How to clean your sheepskin rug’ useful please check out my other blogs on sheepskin, leather and wool products