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Buy your SnugRugs UK Icelandic sheepskin rug today. Icelandic sheepskins are something special in the world of sheepskin. They are jaw droppingly amazing and SnugRugs UK have a wide selection.

Why are Icelandic Sheepskin Rugs from SnugRugs UK so special?

Snugrugs adores sheepskin full stop. But there is something that extra special about the icelandic sheepskin breeds. The wool length and texture of icelandic wool is different from other sheep breeds. Icelandic sheep has very long wool which has a dreamy, super soft texture. The length of the wool is especially long as the sheep live in cooler parts of the world. Icelandic sheep are a hardy breed. There are small flocks of icelandic sheep in the UK, mainly North Wales and cooler parts of the UK. Icelandic lambs tend to be small, with twins and triplets being common. The sheep has a rounded appearance like a cloud! The wool from Icelandic Sheep is visually stunning, perfect for a rug floor covering.

Grey Icelandic Sheepskin Rug SnugRugs UK

Grey Icelandic Sheepskin Rug SnugRugs UK


Where can I buy my Icelandic Sheepskin Rug Snugrugs UK?

Snugrugs UK sell a variety of icelandic sheepskin rugs. Icelandic sheepskins come in a variety of colours and configurations.  Choose from Ivory, Rusty Brown, Grey or Black and White. Snugrugs UK sells single and double rugs as well as the larger sexto and octo configurations. Icelandic sheepskin rugs look amazing on a floor or draped over a bed or sofa.  They are very versatile and will fit into almost any room in your home. SnugRugs UK advises you to invest in a rug brush, to bring the wool back to life from time to time. Icelandic sheepskin rugs snugrugs uk loves sheepskin and have a soft soft for this breed. Icelandic sheepskin rugs snugrugs uk are the finest you can buy so go ahead get your Icelandic Sheepskin Rugs – SnugRugs UK

Icelandic Sheepkin SnugRugs UK

Icelandic Ewe with Lambs

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