Luxury Wool Blanket UK

Wool Blankets are incredibly versatile. SnugRugs sells the finest quality, soft wool blankets, all made with love in the UK. Luxury epitomised, a  blanket can transform a tired space and update a sofa in an instant and for a relatively small price tag. Throw a luxury wool blanket over your legs for warmth, wrap yourself up in one or sit on one. Perfect for a UK chilly evening outside and equally perfect for snuggling up to watching the TV. Or simply use your wool blanket as decoration. Wool creates texture and interest. Bring luxury to your bedroom with a wool blanket, by draping it over your bed.

Luxury Wool Blanket UK

Wool Blankets – Made in the UK

Which wool blanket to choose?

Luxury tartan wool throws, cobweave picnic blankets, soft lambswool baby wraps, wool throws, picnic blankets and travel blankets. Beautiful styles and colours to match any colour scheme or setting. Choose from striking red and blues to calming grays and soft browns. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your blankets. Wool blankets have different feels depending on the wool they are made from; long silky mohair, soft lambswool, luxurious cashmere and sumptuous merino.  

Luxury Wool Blanket UK

Merino Sheep

Why Wool?

Wool is superbly warm. It does not generate static electricity and is dust resistant. It is washable. No other man made material compares to it. Wool is luxurious. Naturally, blankets made out of wool are jaw droppingly stunning. UK wool blankets are amongst the finest in the world. Supporting the UK Wool Farming industry is keeping history alive and we wholly support this. Indulge yourself or a loved one with a touch of luxury –  a wool blanket made in the UK. A wool blanket can be passed down to future generations. Wool is sustainable and eco friendly. Wool is simply amazing and wool picnic blankets are one of life’s pleasures.