Medical Sheepskins Health Benefits

Sheepskin is reputed to have medical health benefits. Only the finest sheepskins are selected for medical use. Skins are shorn, exposing a springy, super dense wool pile of no more than 25mm. This has health benefits, as the wool density distributes weight evenly over the body, taking pressure off limbs and allowing air to circulate. Sheepskin acts as a thermostat. The natural properties in wool helps to reduce heat when too hot, and increase heat when too cold, thus maintaining correct humidity. Medical sheepskin is a truly remarkable natural product and has been thought for hundreds of years to have health benefits. Sheepskin provides warmth and comfort and medical sheepskin is the creme de la creme of sheepskins. They are super soft and velvet like to touch. Medical sheepskins benefit skin and muscles by relieving pressure.

Medical Sheepskins promote healthy sleep

Medical sheepskins promote optimum sleep and the health benefits of good sleep are well documented. Sheepskin is used by some health professionals in hospitals to aid patients. Sleeping on sheepskin is relaxing and soothing. Health professionals recommend we get between 6-9 hours of sleep a day. Sleeping is important for restoring energy, brain energy and learning, growth and repair. A Sheepskin mattress bed underlay offers a superb sleeping experience. Natural sheepskin fleece is held firmly into the leather by a specialist sheepskin tanning process. This enables it to withstand repeated laundering, offering comfort and support for longer than woven alternatives. Genuine leather and wool are naturally fire resistant, being difficult to ignite and slow to burn.

Medical Sheepskin Health Benefits

Bowron Sheepskin Underlay

Bowron Medical Sheepskins

Bowron medical sheepskins are selected for their uniformity and softness. Only the finest skins make the grade. All medical sheepskins have the health benefit of being machine washable. Sheepskin fleece is tightly attached to the leather. This enables it to withstand the wear and tear of washing. Wool is naturally fire resistant. Long lasting & durable, medical sheepskin provides years of comfort, support and soothing sleep.

Medical Sheepskin Health Benefits

Medical Sheepskin