Romney Sheep originate from The Romney Marsh Lowland region of the South East of England. The area fringes the Kent and Sussex coast and Kent downs and covers about 100 square miles of South East England. Thousands of years ago this whole area was covered by sea, but as the sea retreated it left a marshy wet land in it’s wake, rich in minerals. Much of the marsh remains below sea level and this area remains sparsely populated with a high Romney Marsh sheep population. sheep romney

Historically sheep have always played an important role on the Marsh. From as far back as the 13th century Romney Marsh Sheep have grazed this land. Prized for both their meat and wool. Romney marsh sheep have long, dense thick wool, perfect for the woolen trade, which flourished during the Agricultural Revolution in the 19th century. Romney sheep were during this time exported to Europe, America and New Zealand, where flocks still flourish today. Romney sheep adapted to the marshy, wet conditions and unlike other breeds are resistant to the pesky hoof root other strains are susceptible to. It has taken centuries of selective breeding to get the Breeds we have today.
Wool is part of British History. Early man used wild sheep skins for warmth and protection from the wind and rain. Around 10 000 BC tribes people in Northern Europe started spinning yarn with their hands, teasing the yarn from one hand to another to make wool. Later inventions brought the spinning wheel  (to make wool) and in the Bronze Age, a weaving machine (weaving spun wool to make cloth).  The Romans regarded wool as a luxury and clothed their emperors with elaborately decorated robes. Britain had developed a wool export trade in the 8th century and 400 years later wool would be one of Britains biggest assets. The industry, like any other went through peaks and troughs. From becoming a raw wool exporter, in the 15 century Britain started exporting cloth. The Industrial Revolution 1750-1850 fully mechanized the process of spinning and weaving.
Wool is extremely versatile. It is soft to wear and washable. Wool can be waterproofed and made moth resistant. Romney Marsh Wools sold by SnugRugs have developed a beautiful range of wool and sheepskin products and toiletries. Soft furnishings such as cushions and throws are a large part of the collection. Moccasin slippers feature highly as do lanolin enriched beauty products. A celebration of the sheep Farming industry and British heritage, all the products are made with love right here in Kent.