Sheepskin Moccasin slippers offer unbelievable comfort

Moccasin slippers in sheepskin and wool from SnugRugs. Free UK delivery. Ladies and gents sheepskin moccasins are perfect for lounging around the house. Super comfortable, the sheepskin wool envelops itself around your foot.  Sheepskin is naturally super absorbent with each wool strand absorbing excess sweat from your foot.  Moccasins come in a range of modern and classic styles. Choose from soft suede sole or more durable rubber sole, perfect for popping outdoors. I prefer suede sole as it’s durable and supportive. That be said, rubber soles are perfect for potting about on the patio or for those of us who pop outside and can’t be bothered to change our shoes. Sheepskin moccasin slippers for ladies offer style and comfort. I absolutely love my moccasins. It’s a treat to put them on my feet after a hard days work, after a long soak in the bath. IMG_5978 Sheepskin Moccasin slippers for men are a perfect present. They go from a UK size 6 up to a large size 14. They are so comfortable you may forget to take them off! Dark Brown, light brown and tan classic colours. Tried and tested by many generations from the Apachi Indian peoples of South American. Our Moccasins are made out of a few pieces of suede which are stitched together and gathered at the front with a tie. Moccasins are flat and fairly lightweight. They have a back, unlike slip on slippers. Moccasins are lined with sheepskin wool, which provides cushioning and superior comfort. They are incredibly versatile. Moccasins are durable and made to last. Put your feet up and relax with your mocassins! Buying for the man in your life can be testing. What do you buy a man who has everything? If you have exhausted all the options then look no further. A pair of  sheepskin moccasin slippers will always be appreciated.