Sheepskin Slippers Buy Now From SnugRugs

Sheepskin Slippers from SnugRugs are simply the best. Here at SnugRugs we specialise in everything sheepskin.Sheepskin is the hide of a sheep. It is Nature’s Comfort and we believe sheepskin gives superior comfort which exceeds any other synthetic material. Our slippers are made from the finest twin faced sheepskin. Where the back of the hide is visible (twin face), premium skins are selected. Skins with imperfections or scar tissue are not selected for our slippers.

Sheepskin Slippers Buy Now from Snugrugs

Super thick Genuine Sheepskin Slipper from SnugRugs

Sheepskin Slippers Buy now from SnugRugs

Mens Sheepskin Slippers Amazingly thick sheepskin!

Buy Now From SnugRugs

Our gorgeous sheepskin slippers come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit every taste. Click here to see our Ladies Sheepskin Slipper Collection and not forgetting the chaps, Click here to see the Men’s Collection. Imagine walking on air. When your feet is cushioned with sheepskin is feels oh so cozy. We love nature and sheepskin is a miracle of nature. It’s warm, absorbent, super squishy. A natural super flexible rubber sole means you can dash outside without getting soggy socks. Wool is hypoallergenic, is fire resistant, dirt resistant and has insulating properties.

Why we love our slippers at SnugRugs

You’ll find it hard not to fall in love with our sheepskin slippers. We think our slippers are great and so do our lovely customers. Our ladies and gents sheepskin slippers make a great present. After a long day there is nothing better than kicking off your shoes, slipping on a pair of sumptuous sheepskin slippers and putting your feet up and relaxing at last. Our slippers are made out of the thickest A grade sheepskin. A robust rubber sole is the finishing touch. We don’t use a TPR sole like some other sheepskin slipper retailers. (TPR is a much more rigid, inferior sole compared to rubber). Relaxing is important to our whole wellbeing. Relax into your genuine sheepskin slippers from SnugRugs and let your stresses ebb away..

Sheepskin Slippers Buy Now from SnugRugs

Put your feet up with a mug of tea and relax with your sheepskin slippers