Sheepskin UK | British Sheepskin & Wool

Snugrugs is proud to sell some of the finest British sheepskin and wool footwear, clothing, homeware and accessories. SnugRugs is a member of The Real Sheepskin Association, which promotes the use of real sheepskin and encourages high standards within the British Sheepskin industry. Sheepskin is the natural wool on leather from a Sheep’s coat. Sheepskin has remarkable natural properties. Sheepskin is breathable, fire resistant, has thermal qualities, absorbs moisture and is durable. No other man made product comes close to replicating Sheepskin.

Sheepskin UK – The process

UK Sheepskin is a bi product of the meat industry. In the UK every year about 14 million sheep and lambs are killed for meat. The raw ‘wet’ skins are taken to a tannery where they are salted for preservation. After many stages of cleaning, washing and drying the sheepskins are combed for finishing. The whole completed sheepskins are graded and sold whole to British retailers like SnugRugs Ltd.

Sheepskin UK |The Best of British Sheepskin

Sheepskin Retailer SnugRugs Ltd

The Best of British Sheepskin & Wool UK – The products

SnugRugs is based in the home county of Kent, The Garden of England. Our sheepskin rugs are 100% natural.

Sheepskin UK |The Best of British Sheepskin

The Kent Downs – Home of SnugRugs

We take our sheepskin seriously. Buying from British and local Kent suppliers and artisans is important to us. Romney Marsh Sheep are found in the lowland coastal areas of Southeast Britain. The Romney Marsh sheep is the original sheep transported to New Zealand where it became known as the New Romney Sheep. It is virtually immune to ‘foot rot’, a fatal disease which blights sheep. Romney Marsh Wool is amongst the finest in the world and is indeed the best of British. Romney Marsh fares include blankets, soft furnishings and lanolin based beauty products.
Sheepskin UK |The Best of British Sheepskin & Wool

Romney Marsh Young Sheep

Sheepskin UK |The Best of British Sheepskin & Wool

Romney Marsh Wool Blanket

And not forgetting the best of British Wool…

Local artisan Della is gifted with the art of spinning wool. Della supports a sustainable way of life and sells her wares at local farmers markets and to us at SnugRugs. Her hand spun wool walking socks are something special.

Sheepskin UK |The Best of British Sheepskin

Wool Spinner and Weaver Della with a local Kent group of enthusiasts

We love our British made Sheepskin Moccasins and hope you love them too. SnugRugs buys British whenever we can. There is a wealth of hidden expertise in Great Britain. Our mission is to find more British Sheepskin and Wool products. We are passionate about British Farming, British goods and of course Sheepskin.
Sheepskin UK |The Best of British Sheepskin & Wool

Beautiful Moccasins Slippers by Snugrugs