Waterproof Picnic blanket UK

A waterproof Picnic blanket is a UK summer essential. SnugRugs is delighted to showcase our super large wool picnic blankets with waterproof backing. Made by Bushga in the UK at a British Woolen Mill which has been producing wool products since the eighteenth century. Our real wool picnic blankets are made with love and care. With a soft real wool upper and a matching waterproof underlay, these extra large picnic blankets are not only eye catching but are super practical. No more wet bottoms on dewy grass! Having our picnic blankets made in the UK was really important to us and we looked high and low across the British Isles to bring to you designs that stole our hearts.

Waterproof Picnic blanket UK

Family Sized Wool and waterproof backed picnic blanket

Waterproof Picnic blanket UK

Lovers enjoying a picnic in the glorious summer sunshine


What does one look for in a picnic blanket? When it comes to a picnic blanket size is important. The more the merrier. (Cramming onto a miniscule blanket is not much fun). Being waterproof is a must in the UK. A picnic blanket creates intimacy and wool gives warmth and comfort that no man made product can match up to.

Colours and Designs

Everything you own should please you and picnic blankets are not an exception to this rule. Our Cobweave wool designs are visually stunning. Hues of grey, yellow and green match the optimistic moods of Spring and Summer.

Waterproof Picnic blanket UK

Family Sized Wool Waterproof picnic blanket

Picnic Memories

We all have fond memories of picnicking with our family and friends, laughing, chatting, eating and drinking, sandy sandwiches… The nostalgic picnic picture below was taken in 1938 from ‘Climbing High’ near London of Jessie Matthews and Michael Redgrave. Picnics are pleasurable, memorable occasions to be cherished. There is nothing better than a beautiful wool picnic rug to lift your spirits and get you in the mood for some al fresco dining. Picnicphoto

Wool is special

It is warm, comforting and frightfully versatile. Wool has been used in the UK for generations. Wool is perfect for picnic blankets. as it is warm. Coupled with modern advances of waterproof underlay to make a perfect picnic rug. Wool is washable so you can refresh your waterproof picnic blanket whenever you need to. Get prepared for our beautiful UK summer now and invest in our Bushga super large waterproof picnic blanket from SnugRugs.