Why is Sheepskin so special?

Sheepskin at SNUGRUGS  is a serious business. We absolutely love it! Sheepskin outshines synthetic materials by a long way. It enhances everyday life. It keeps you warm when you are cold and cools you when you are too hot. Sheepskin absorbs moisture, drawing it away from the skin. It is flame resistant  up to 600 degrees celsius and it resists dust. These attributes make Sheepskin incredible.
We think sheeps wool is special because it is soft and beautifully tactile. It is inviting and comforting. Wool fibres retain a natural oil that resists dust and dirt. These oils also naturally resist nasty smells. Wool is hypoallergenic so very good for people who suffer from allergies. It washes well as it retains its shape when wet. It is sustainable and is a bi product of the farming industry.
Sheepskin captures the best of what nature has to offer. Many studies have been undertaken on this natural product. One study claims that people sleep better on wool bedding. They claim that wool regulates body temperature, promotes a more relaxed heart rate and gives 25% more deep sleep.
sheepskin care

Icelandic Sheepskin

Skins are selected for their wool quality. Pelts for sheepskins are chosen for their fine, soft wool. Lambskin is from a sheep that  has not developed incisor sheep and is less than a year old. The wool has not been shorn therefore still has its baby wool. Rugs are usually made from sheep more mature animals that have developed their incisor teeth. Unshorn wool or long wool comes in a variety of lengths from 45mm to 70mm. Wool is usually thick and open. Twinface sheepskin is material that is finished on both sides. Typically the wool side of the pelt is shorn. Shearling wool is used for designer rugs and clothing.
Sheepskin is easy to care for. A little love lasts a long time.
Sheepskin Rugs

Single Ivory Sheepskin Rug