Wool Cushions UK

Wool Cushions provide comfort, luxury and texture to any setting. For a relatively small amount of money a space can be transformed or spiced up with a wool cushion. Snugrugs sells a huge range of luxury wool cushions made in the UK in a range of striking colours and designs.

Wool Cushions UK

Charcoal Cobweave Wool Cushion, Made in theUK

Why buy a wool cushion from the UK?

Wool is the fleece of a sheep. Wool has been used in the UK to make clothing since the Stone Age. Wool is mentioned in the Bible, ”Thou shalt not wear a garment of divers sorts, as of woollen and linen together,” (Deuteronomy).Wool is very special as it is a natural insulator, it absorbs and releases vapour as the temperature rises and falls. In the UK and the EU a wool product may be labelled 100% wool as long as it contains no more than 5 per cent inadvertent impurities. Cushions at SnugRugs UK are made all made from sheeps wool. We support the British Wool industry and a simple way of doing this is to make sure your wool cushion is made in the UK.

Wool Cushion UK Designs and colours

Cobweave, Illusion and Wafer designs are eye catching. Choose from vibrant orange, green, yellows and blues to subdued greys, creams and pastels.

Wool Cushions UK

Blueberry Wafer Wool Cushion, Made in the UK

Wool Cushions UK inspiration

Wool Cushions look amazing just about anywhere, on a bed, sofa, chair, lounger or even a wool picnic blanket. Scatter some wool cushions on a futon or leather sofa and don’t be afraid to go for bright, strong colours for a summer feel. Wool cushions add softness and luxury. They invite you to sit down and relax. Buy your wool cushion made in the UK today at snugrugs.co.uk.

Wool Cushions UK

Purple Sage Illusion wool Cushion, made in the UK